For the widest range of world-class treatment for Cancer

Now you don’t need to go abroad to get treated for cancer. The best treatment, the best doctors, the most modern technology and a caring and personalised service is available, close to home



Ceylinco Healthcare Centre

Ceylinco Healthcare Services began as the Ceylinco Healthcare Centre and initially provided cancer screening services to the people of Sri Lanka. Subsequently, the centre went on to create optimum awareness of the disease, its statistics, causes and treatment. A vital part of this initial stage was informing the public that, if detected early, some cancers can be cured. This private screening centre proved to be a crucial step in the early detection and treatment of cancer, in Sri Lanka.


Ceylinco Diabetes Centre

Established in 2004, the Ceylinco Diabetes Centre provides a valuable service to Sri Lanka’s growing number of diabetic patients. This specialised centre is fully equipped with the latest technology in diabetic treatment and provides services such as screening for diabetes, treatment/management of the disease, counselling, a diabetic treatment pharmacy as well as general health screenings and tests. A senior team of well experienced professionals ensure that patients receive the highest level of care in a comfortable, homely environment.


Ceylinco Radiation Treatment Unit

In 2007, Ceylinco Healthcare Services made a momentous advancement in the treatment of cancer by introducing Sri Lanka’s first ever radiation treatment unit which included a Linear Accelerator. This meant that cancer patients in Sri Lanka were saved the emotional and financial burden of travelling overseas for treatment. They were now able to receive treatment and care they needed in their home country, while being close to their loved ones.


Ceylinco Tomotherapy Centre

Ceylinco Healthcare Services is the only cancer treatment centre in the country to offer Tomotherapy treatment which is considered the most advanced radiation treatment for cancer in the world today. This is in addition to the centre’s first radiation treatment unit which included Sri Lanka’s first ever Linear Accelerator.

Ceylinco’s Tomotherapy Centre is equipped with the latest TomoHD™ treatment system from Accuray Inc. (USA), which is the global pioneer in the field of Tomotherapy.


The Varian Clinac iX linear accelerator

In 2018, Ceylinco Healthcare Introduced the advanced linear accelerator with IMRT capability, developed by Varian Medical system. IMRT technology improves radiation treatment by making the direction of the beam so precise that the surrounding normal tissue is spared from radiation. It has around 5,000 installations around the world and Ceylinco Healthcare Centre is the first private hospital to introduce this service to Sri Lankans in a non-hospital environment.


Ceylinco Assured Care Centre

Established in year 2019, Ceylinco Healthcare Centre provides the service to persons who are over the age of 60years and will benefit from assistance for active healthy ageing, as well for elderly patients who are weak and in need of specific medical interventions and support. This specialized Centre is fully managed by a multi-disciplinary team and provide the service of outpatient clinical assessments and short- and long-term care admissions.