Choose a Diabetic Screening Package to suit your age and profile

Ceylinco Healthcare Services offers a range of high-quality screening packages to suit various age and gender categories

Diabetes Screening

  • Diagnosed Diabeties Packages
  • Foot Care Packages
  • Lipid Profile 
  • HbA1C 
  • Urine Full Report
  • ECG
  • Serum Creatinine + GFR
  • SGPT 
  • Total Foot Care Assessment 
  • Final Report Discussion
  • Complete Physical Examination
  • Fasting Blood Sugar Test
  • Full Blood Count
  • Urine for Microalbumin
  • Eye surgeons consultation
  • FBS (Fasting Blood Sugar) 
  • Total Foot Care Assessment
  • Nail Clipping
  • Wound Dressing 
  • Corn Removal
  • Vascular and Neurological Assessment