The Elderly Care Clinic Will Cater to the long-lasting physical and mental needs of the elderly, in order to improve their quality of life and maintain their independence.

With the experience of Dr.Dilhar Samaraweera Consultant physician specialized in Geriatric Medicine, the clinic will facilitate elders with specialized treatment packages on an outpatient and Admission basis.

1) Geriatric Treatment


We are experiencing an exponential growth of the elderly population in Sri Lanka. One in four of us will be over 60 years of age by the year 2041. Thus there is a dire need for development of health care facilities to cater to the demands of the growing elderly population.

Geriatric Medicine is a specialty in medicine that is concerned with prevention and treatment of diseases in older persons more than 60 years of age. The practice of Geriatric medicine shifts away from a 'disease centered' to a 'person centered' approach.

The elderly person involves a multi modal approach consisting of comprehensive assessment of physical, psychological and social aspects.  


Treatment Options