The Elderly Care Clinic Will Cater to the long-lasting physical and mental needs of the elderly, in order to improve their quality of life and maintain their independence.

With the experience of Dr.Dilhar Samaraweera Consultant physician specialized in Geriatric Medicine, the clinic will facilitate elders with specialized treatment packages on an outpatient and Admission basis.

We are experiencing an exponential growth of the elderly population in Sri Lanka. One in four of us will be over 60 years of age by the year 2041. Thus there is a dire need for development of health care facilities to cater to the demands of the growing elderly population.

Elderly patients suffer from multiple diseases and have specific syndromes which result in impairment of their activities of daily living. The specific geriatric syndromes such as decreased mobility, instability, falls, frailty, incontinence, dementia, depression are easily missed in routine medical clinics and medical screening for diseases. Thus we need to proactively look for specific problems in elderly and manage them effectively. This could only be done by a comprehensive Geriatric Assessment. A multidisciplinary team is essential for a Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment. 

The elderly population has problems in accessibility of health facilities; fragmented care delivered in an incoherent manner is not suitable, thus cannot solve the problems of the elderly. The care should be patient centered, delivered by a dedicated multidisciplinary team. The care should be coordinated to achieve the maximum outcome under one roof ultimately resulting in patient satisfaction.  

The Ceylinco Assured Care Center is the only private center in the country which fulfills the above concept. No other center has the facilities and resources to assess the patient in multiple domains including physical, sensory, cognitive, environmental and social functions with the expertise of professionals in multiple disciplines. 

You do not have to wait till 60 years to assess yourself and prepare for successful silver age (old age). Promotion of a healthy life style, exercise and diet is essential for successful ageing. Thus the center also offers pre-retirement counseling and guidance for active healthy living with special attention to types of exercises and dietary advice tailor-made for each individual.

The Ceylinco Assured Care Center has been carefully designed and planned to deliver the best of care possible for the silver generation (the elderly). The staff comprising of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, speech and language therapists, dietitians etc. have been handpicked to serve patients with kindness and empathy. Meticulous attention has been given to every detail in this center to make it the most elderly friendly center in the country. 


- Dr.Dilhar Samaraweera

Consultant physician specialized in Geriatric Medicine