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About Ceylinco Healthcare Services

Ceylinco Healthcare Services Ltd, a fully owned subsidiary of Ceylinco Life, specializes in Cancer treatment. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and a well experienced, highly qualified panel of consultants, Ceylinco Healthcare Services is the most experienced Cancer treatment Centre in the country offering some of the most advanced radiation treatment for cancer in the world today. Our continuous investments in cutting-edge technology has given us the most advanced cancer treatment portfolio in the country.

With over 10 years of experience and over 5000 patients successfully treated, we are the most experienced private cancer treatment center, proudly offering the most affordable private cancer treatment in the country.

Above all we take extra care to ensure that all treatments are administrated in a comfortable, homely environment where patients and their loved ones can be close to one another and feel right at home, rest assured that they are in the best hands, right here at the Ceylinco Healthcare Centre.

Why Choose Ceylinco Healthcare Services for your treatment

  • The most advanced and affordable private cancer treatment in Sri Lanka
  • Over 10 years of experience in cancer treatment in Sri Lanka
  • Over 5000 patients treated successfully
  • Treatment carried out by renowned oncologists, supported by trained psychists & therapeutic radiographers
  • Treated in a comfortable and homely environment

Introducing the Varian Clinac iX Linear Accelerator

Designed to give quality care. Chosen by quality clinics

What is the Varian Clinac iX – Linear Accelerator

The Varian Clinac iX – Linear Accelerator is one of the most stable & proven machines for Cancer Treatment in the world and the first of its kind in Sri Lanka.

With over 5000 installations across the world, it offers a completely non-invasive treatement procedure that provides a fast, effective and convenient treatement for cancers almost anywhere in the body

Features of the Varian Clinac iX – Linear Accelerator

  • Patients are exposed to shorter beam times, better targeting of tumors and in some cases the possibility of a reduced number of treatments.
  • It delivers radiation with pinpoint precision at any angle to surrounding tissue during treatment

The Varian Clinac ix offers a comprehensive treatment for

The Tomotherapy Treatment System

Tomotherapy is the most advanced treatment in cancer available in the world today.

This unique method of targeting tumors is an integrated, advanced form of 3-dimensional, image-guided radiation therapy for treating cancer. This is because the TomoHD unit provides more accurate radiation therapy for even the smallest tumors.

The Tomotherapy offers comprehensive treatment for

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