Brain can be affected by tumors starting in the brain as commonly seen in children. In adults’ brain is commonly affected by tumors spreading from other parts of the body eg: breast cancer.
As the brain is in a confine space within the skull any tumor (malignant or nonmalignant) causes symptoms due to the increased pressure and also due to the direct effect of the growth.

How to Identify?

  • Headache and vomiting.
  • Symptoms due to the effect on brain eg:
    • Weakness of a part of the body.
    • Visual defects.
    • Hearing defects.
    • Loss of balance.

Risk Factors of Brain Cancer/ Causes of the Brain Tumors

  • Exposure to radiation.
  • Genetic factors.
Precision treatment for
brain tumors
is now available in Sri Lanka!
Tomotherapy, an advanced form of radiation therapy allows precision targeting of tumors in sensitive areas, minimizing the risk of damage to healthy cells and thus increasing the success of radiotherapy.

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