This is a group of cancers that usually occur in the tissues and organs of the head and neck region (mouth, nose, throat, larynx, sinuses, or salivary glands).

How to Identify?

  • Unusual pain or bleeding in mouth.
  • Breathing difficulties.
  • Difficulty in speaking.
  • Pain when swallowing or pain in one or both ears.
  • Trouble hearing.
  • Hoarseness or an abnormal change in your voice.

Risk Factors of head and neck cancers

  • Alcohol and tobacco use are the two most important risk factors for Head and neck cancers.
  • People who use betel quid may have a high risk of being diagnosed cancer.
  • Poor oral hygiene.
  • Occupational exposure (wood dust / asbestos / synthetic fibers).
  • Exposure to radiation.
Precision treatment for
head & neck cancer
is now available in Sri Lanka!
Tomotherapy, an advanced form of radiation therapy allows precision targeting of tumors in sensitive areas, minimizing the risk of damage to healthy cells and thus increasing the success of radiotherapy.

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